Clipe: Vida-Código [2020]

A meeting between Cuban dancer Danys Brian Barreras and the music universe of the Brazilian singer Tiganá Santana in collaboration with a Swedish film team. In this video, filmed during a cold winter night in a warehouse in the harbour area of the city of Malmö, Sweden, the dancer interpret the song Vida Código by Tiganá.

Choreography: Miguel Azcue
Dancer: Danys Brian Barreras
Music & Lyrics by Tiganá Santana & Leonardo Mendes
Filmed & produced by A13 in collaboration with Memory Wax, Danza Teatro Retazos/Cuba and Ajabu! Records.

Produced by Sebastian Notini & Tiganá Santana

Taken from the album Vida Código (ajabu! 2020)